Geography at St Silas provides the children with the opportunity to explore, understand and apply their conceptual understanding of the earth which we live in and how it is changing. We aim to build upon the children’s personal geography by developing their knowledge, understanding and geographical skills through studying places and themes both locally and around the world.

We believe children are active participants and investigators within geography and value fieldwork as an essential part of the curriculum allowing them to explore, make connections and comparisons and identify patterns and changes. Geographical enquiry and skills are embedded throughout teaching to ensure skills are transferrable and progressive.

Pupils in Key Stage 1 will:

  • Study their school, grounds and local area and contrast with another area in the United Kingdom and abroad, finding out about the physical features of the area and the people who live there using fieldwork and photographs
  • Learn about and locate the main countries and cities within the United Kingdom and the seas surrounding, using maps, atlas’ and globes, as well as identify and locate the main continents and oceans around the world
  • Carry out geographical enquiry inside and outside the classroom, observing and recording weather and identifying seasonal changes in the United Kingdom
  • Be introduced to geographical vocabulary to refer to human and physical features of the environment

Pupils in Key Stage 2 will:

  • Investigate, compare and contrast a variety of people, places and environments in the United Kingdom and around the world using photographs, maps, atlas’ and globes
  • Discover how and why the earth is changing and how this affects them and future generations
  • Identify and locate European countries and countries in North and South America, counties and cities within the United Kingdom and the significance of longitude, latitude and time zones
  • Carry out geographical enquiry inside and outside the classroom, asking questions and using maps, atlas, globes and compasses linking to computing and other areas of the curriculum


Children will be assessed throughout the year on their progress through teacher assessment. They will be fully engaged in the assessment process allowing them to recognise their further steps to enhance their learning.

Children will have the opportunity to apply their learning across the curriculum to deepen their knowledge and understanding in areas such as English, Mathematics, Reading, Computing and Science.

Progress will be reported to parents through our online reporting system (SPTO) at the end of the year, parents’ evenings and ongoing dialogue between home and school.