Our Values

Values are important to us as a school and we aim to develop our pupils academically, spiritually, morally, socially, culturally and physically by providing a broad and balanced curriculum with faith values at the heart of everything we do. The school has three core values at the heart. These are love, belonging and thankfulness. To ensure our pupils gain a secure understanding of these core values, our teaching has a different focus each half term. The values covered this academic year have been generosity, compassion, friendship, forgiveness, peace and respect. Through this teaching we actively promote respect and tolerance of all faiths, races and cultures to ensure that our pupils become global citizens who will make positive contributions to society and the wider world. It is important to us that we work in partnership with parents to develop these values therefore each half term we set a homework task for all the children in our school that focuses on promoting values.

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A new website has been launched by the Government to help parents protect children from extremism. The Educate Against Hate Website draws on resources from charities including NSPCC and Childnet as well as Government guidance to assist teachers and parents with the expertise they need to challenge radical views and keep their children safe.


We teach our children about democracy throughout the curriculum but also by holding regular themed days where we debate and vote for different aspects of school life. Through these projects, children throughout the school learnn about the British Parliamentary System. To mark the General Election in 2015 we held a values day.  Staff, Governors and Parents were consulted about the values that we believe are important to us as a school.  A set of values were selected and on Election Day the children voted for our core values.  The voting was led by the Debating Club who gave presentations in assembly and to classes throughout the school to help children to understand the meaning of the different values and help them make an informed decision about which value to vote for. A polling station was set up and every child in the school voted. In 2017, our House Captains led a similar whole school debate where themes for different House Teams were researched and explored. Our House Captains held debates before children were given the opportunity to vote for the themes Inspirational People, Planets, Authors and Wonders of the World. The children voted for the theme Planets and children were allocated to the houses Mercury, Saturn, Mars and Venus.

Houses of Parliament

Year 6 visited the Houses of Parliament, to develop our understanding of democracy in the United Kingdom. It was an early start for all as we had to be at school  for 6.45am. We travelled to Preston by bus and then caught a train to London Euston.  On arriving , we walked through the Capital, taking in the sights and stopping for lunch at Trafalgar Square. Then we walked to the Houses of Parliament via Buckingham Palace, where we got to see the Changing of the Guard.  At the Houses of Parliament we had a guided tour, visiting the House of Commons and watching a live debate in process. We were informed of the history of Parliament and how our democratic process works today, visiting parts of the Palace that date back nearly 1000 years. After the tour we had an education workshop on the workings of Government at Local, National and European levels. To end the workshop, we were very lucky that our local MP, Kate Hollern, joined us for a questions and answers session.  After our tour, we walked to the Rainforest Café, in Piccadilly, for our dinner of pizza and pasta. We walked to Euston station for the 6:30pm train to Preston, and finally arrived back at school at 9:15pm. It was a busy, but fantastic day.

Remembrance Day

We have also had a special celebration assembly to share with the children the sacrifice that others made in France, over 100 years ago, in the Battle of the Somme.  This assembly was led by four of our Year 6 children and we also had one of our governors, Mr Lead, sharing some thoughts about his great uncle who had fought in the battle and Mrs Atherton who said that her grandfather had been a medic. It was a special assembly, one that the children will not forget for a long time to come.

Anti – Bullying Week

We participate in Anti-Bullying Week on an annual basis to support the work coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.  As a school, we consider participation in such events essential in ensuring the wellbeing of our children and this year we marked the week with a series of activities that focus on educating our children about the dangers of name calling. The School Council and School, Worship and Assemblies Team worked together to produce an anti- bullying oath. This oath was signed by parents, children and staff who all agreed to say ‘NO’ to bullying.

Parental questionnaires indicated that parents would like the school to provided them with more information about different types of bullying. In response to this, we produced and sent out a set of information leaflets.

The week ended with a celebration assembly where children from each class showcased examples of their work.