Collective Worship

Collective worship is an important part of our school. It is God centred, inclusive and based on our values. Children have the opportunity to take part in Collective Worship every day. Worship can be in classes, Key Stages or whole school. All teachers are involved in leading worship. Our worship usually involves a teaching, prayer and a song.  It is often interactive with drama, puppets etc. Every half term year groups lead worship in St Silas Church. Parents are always invited. Friday assembly includes our celebrations. If your child is receiving an award you will be invited via a text message. You are more than welcome to join us for any Collective Worship. If you wish to join us please contact school.

Interfaith Project

Each year the children from St Silas participate in an Interfaith Project with other neighbouring schools to celebrate diversity and learn about other Faiths. This year, the School Worship and Assembly Team joined up with two other schools, St Peter’s Primary School and St Bede’s High school to celebrate different Faiths. In preparation for the day, the staff and children from the three schools took photographs of religious symbols that were special to them and we created a display of these. On the day, we were joined by the children from the other schools and began with a Collective Worship. During the Worship, our visitor, Graham Pountain, gave a presentation about the Christian Charity work that he does in Bethany, Tanzania. Reverend Sheelagh, our vicar, and Mushtaq, Principle of a local Mosque both spoke about the importance of respecting all faiths. The School Council organised a colouring competition to raise money for this charity.

Throughout the day we participated in a range of activities to learn about Interfaith. We talked to the children from the other schools about our photographs and this helped us to understand the similarities and differences of different faiths. We found that we have lots of shared values. We made masks to symbolise our personal faith values and found that we included similar pictures regardless of our Faith. Together with the Imaam, the Vicar, the teachers and the children from the other schools, we visited St Silas Church and Madrasah Anwaar Ul Quraan. At the Church Reverend Sheelagh split us into groups and we took part in activities that involved us looking around the Church and dressing in the clothes worn by Clergy. Whilst visiting the Mosque were shown how to wash and prepare to pray. We entered the Mosque and the Imaam showed us the Holy Qu’raan.

The children involved in the activities led Collective Worship the following week to present what they had learnt to the rest of the school.

‘No matter what religion we are, we are all part of God’s world. We must remember this and always make the right choices. God wants us to love one another. Think about this every day. One of our shared values is peace. We all want our world to be peaceful. ‘ Ali Year 6

Prayer Day

Reverend Sheelagh joined us for a prayer day where we explored different ways in which we can pray.  Each class participated in a range of prayer activities. To pray for forgiveness, each child wrote on a piece of paper something that they were sorry for and shredded the paper into the bin whilst asking God for forgiveness.  The children learnt that we are all part of God’s family. They wrote prayers to thank God for people who have a positive impact on their lives and tied these to prayer trees.  We created Promises Boxes using quotes from Holy Books. The children will be able to use these during times of reflection by taking a paper out of the box and reading and reflect on the message it is giving. The children researched global issues by reading newspaper articles.  They wrote global prayers and added them to out World Map.  We prayed for people living in poverty and made donations to the UNICEF charity.