As you are already aware, computing is a tremendously important part of everyday life. Technology is commonplace in the lives of the children at St Silas CE Primary School. Each child is growing up in a digital world. Therefore, it is essential that all our children are able to use any technology they have access to effectively and safely, both online and off.Throughout their time at St Silas, the children will have access to a wide range of technology and this will help to engage and motivate them in their learning. Should parents have any questions about the devices, software and websites that are used in school please feel free to speak to Mr Hadwin, or any of the staff, and we will be able to point you in the right direction.When asked recently, a class of nine and ten year olds stated that they knew much more about technology and were better at using it than their parents or carers at home.You can find information about online safety, free software and other technologies on this page, furthermore, you will be able to ask any questions on our computing and technology forum.