The children at St Silas have an English lesson taught on a daily basis. Each unit of work is developed using a teaching sequence to meet the reading, writing, spelling and grammar needs of the children.  A range of texts and vocabulary around the chosen topic will then be explored with a focus on children’s English targets at both group and individual level.  A range of books will be explored to model a range of genres, writing styles, grammatical structures and use of vocabulary. The children will engage in a range of activities to capture ideas for their writing outcome. Specific grammar and punctuation skills are taught before being applied in the writing process. Children are expected to edit and improve their work and apply the skills taught in English across the range of curriculum subjects and opportunities for independent writing are incorporated into planning on a weekly basis.  In addition to the teaching sequence, classes in Key Stage Two deliver the Cracking Comprehension scheme to develop written reading comprehension skills and participate in ‘A Time to Shine’ creative writing lessons to develop writing skills and stamina.


In addition to the daily English lesson children in Key Stage 2  also participate in a 20 minute guided reading session where they develop reading accuracy and comprehension skills. Each child receives a number of  home reading books that are changed on a weekly basis.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Children in Key Stage 2 are taught spelling using the No Nonsense Spelling scheme and are given spellings to learn weekly as part of their homework. Grammar and punctuation skills are taught within the daily English lesson and children are given opportunities to apply their knowledge when writing for different outcomes. We have a wide range of books in our school library and each class is timetabled weekly to visit and change library books. Children are able to use the library during lunchtimes and parents are invited to use the library with their child after school.  We ensure that every child has the opportunity to join the local library in Blackburn.