Physical Education forms a fundamental part of our curriculum at St Silas Primary School both during lesson time and extra-curricular activities.

PE is taught from Foundation Stage right through to year 6, teaching two different units per half term. Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 have at least 1 hour per week and Key Stage 2 have at least 2 hours of PE each week. We offer the children opportunities to experience dance, gymnastics, and a variety of games, athletics, outdoor and adventure and swimming. We are very fortunate that the children in Year 3 get the chance to learn how to swim and how to stay safe in and around water. They visit Blackburn Leisure Centre and have qualified swimming instructors guiding them in swimming and water safety. Not only is this a fantastic opportunity for the children but they love going! We also have professional sports coach and a gymnastics coach who come into school to support teachers delivering PE lessons.

Our school offers a range of lunch time and after school clubs, run by staff and professional coaches that allow the children to experience sports for both fun and for competition. Clubs range from running, hockey, multi-sports and football. We encourage competitive sports during a range of competitions both within school and with other schools within our cluster.

Swimming Information 

Pupils canNumber of pupils
swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres11/60
use a range of strokes effectively6/60
perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations6/60

The ‘School PE and Sports Premium’ at St Silas CE Primary School

In 2012, following the success of lottery funded sport at the London Olympics, the Government committed to spending more than £450 million to improve Physical Education (P.E.) and Sport in primary schools, over the following three academic years (2013-2016). This funding pledge was then extended ensuring funding for schools until 2020.

This funding – provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – is allocated directly to primary school, and is ‘ring-fenced’, meaning it can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.

As of September 2013, St Silas CE Primary School is accountable to OFSTED for the decisions it makes with regard to the use of this funding.

As a school, we strongly believe that:

  • The main impact of this funding should be felt by all pupils across the school, particularly with respect to the quality of teaching and learning within PE lessons, opportunities to participate in a variety of fun and active after-school sports clubs and in pupil attitudes towards health and physical activity.
  • Any expenditure should (where possible) have a sustainable impact for pupils and staff at St Silas CE Primary School beyond the end of the funding window in 2020, which specifically seeks to meet the aims above.

A spreadsheet summary of the main and projected expenditure (through 2019-20) is provided and will be updated termly throughout this academic year in line with PE and Sport spending.

However, a summary of the main and project points is listed below.
Blackburn Rovers – Service Level Agreement
St Silas has once again bought into a Service Level Agreement (payable annually), which is run by Blackburn Rover Community Trust and provides access to an extensive range of in class and CPD support for the academic year. The SLA also provides opportunities for the children to take part in competitions (Football, Netball, Cross-Country, Outdoor and Sports Hall Athletics, Cricket amongst others) as well as other ‘friendly’ festivals. Additionally, Blackburn Rovers provide lunchtime CPD (for Welfare Staff) and coaching for all key stage 2 children who wish to access it.
Furthermore, the SLA provides St Silas staff with opportunities for specific sports training e.g. orienteering and football. Our SLA includes targeted in class support for teachers (this year BRFC Community Trust team will be working with Years 5 and 2 teaching staff).
Blackburn Rovers Community Trust in conjunction with Amaven provide the Physical Literacy Testing and analysis for the twice yearly whole school fitness testing.

School Games Organiser – Service Level Agreement

(Competition & Support Package)

St Silas has bought into a Borough-wide Service Level Agreement (payable annually), which is run by the BwD School Games Organiser and provides access to an extensive BwD Competitive Sporting Calendar for the academic year (Football, Netball, Cross-Country, Outdoor and Sports Hall Athletics, Cricket amongst others) as well as other ‘friendly’ festivals, including the Celebration of Dance.  These opportunities for competitive sport and participation are a vital aspect of the school’s commitment to creating an ‘join-in’, active environment.

The SLA also provides St Silas with a support network with ongoing ad-hoc CPD & training opportunities, access to SEN-Specific Sporting events (such as the Boccia Leagues and Paralympic Festivals, both of which St Silas has already accessed), training and resources for a new pupil-led playground leader scheme (which began in November 2017). The SLA includes in class support for teachers and this will also be accessed.

More details can be found on the SGO website.

Intra-School Competition (‘House Sports’)

Intra-School Competition (Value Family Sports’)
Part of the funding is being used to help develop and embed a calendar of competitive sporting events, in support of our Values Family System at St Silas Primary School. This will ensure that our pupils will have the opportunity to participate in, and in the case of our Value Ambassadors and School Sports Council, take a leadership role in assisting to arrange a series of Key Stage 2 Sporting competitions throughout the academic year. In 2019/20, this will include netball, tag-rugby, football, basketball, handball, speed-stacking, dodgeball and rounders events. There will also be opportunities for individual competitions such as table tennis, running, basketball hoop shooting and skipping.

Staff Training and Development (High Quality P.E.)

The school has used part of the funding to enable all members of the teaching staff to access specialist P.E. training, to help address specifically identified teaching needs, and help improve the school’s overall quality-first teaching in the subject. Staff members have received specialist PE training in both Key Stages.

Playtime Equipment Funding

In 2019/20, as part of our continued effort to enhance and increase playtime physical activity, the number of items available at playtimes and lunchtime for structured sporting games and zonal play will be increased. A ‘refresh’ of equipment, which has items designed to improve hand-eye coordination and ball skills, will be available for playtimes, which some of our Year 6 children (School Sports Council) will oversee the management of.

School Sports Councillors
Children in Year 6 have the opportunity to become School Sports Councillors.
They will help run lunchtime games and activities and will.
Involve children in group games
Increase the sporting and physical ability of the children
Teach children how to play games like table-tennis, basketball, ball-tig, skipping
Ensure playtimes are fun and enjoyable
Develop skills in responsibility and leadership
St Silas Primary School has eleven School Sports Councillors.
In order to become a School Sports Councillor, Year 6 children will have written a letter of application. The children selected will then attend a small number of training sessions and meetings with Mr Hadwin in order to plan and organise physical activities in school.
Each School Sports Councillor will be allocated one lunchtime per week in which they will be responsible for running some physical activities and ensuring the resourcing of these.

P.E. Policy September 2019