At St Silas, we believe a high quality science education develops children’s ideas and ways of working collaboratively that enables them to make sense of the world through working scientifically.  At Silas, children will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills in science to ensure a smooth transition throughout all key stages.

We use the Kent Scheme of work with a focus on practical science and the development of science specific vocabulary. We aim to teach science in ways that are imaginative, purposeful, well managed and enjoyable whilst making links between science and other subjects.  This will ensure that the children develop awe and wonder of God’s world and are able to begin to make sense of it through working scientifically. 

Science at St Silas will be assessed by teachers throughout the year. Lessons will be planned  according to the national curriculum incorporating both knowledge and working scientifically learning objectives into teaching. Assessments will then be input into the school’s online Target Tracker on a regular basis which will inform both future planning and progress.