Children’s Guide to School


Pupil Voice.

This covers lots of different aspects of our school and allows us as children to have a voice, you will find out more about these when you arrive.  Have a look around on the website to find out more about these, and we will introduce you to them when you arrive. Just think, you could be part of a pupil voice team one day, we’d love that!


There are 4 value families which have just been voted for by all the children in school. We even had our own election day. It was so exciting. The value families are Love, Belonging, Thankfulness and Service. You will be given your own value family when you arrive.


As each timetable is slightly different your own class teacher will go through this with you when you arrive so don’t worry. All you need to know for now is that school starts at 8.30 and finishes as the 3.05.


There are lots of rewards in school to encourage us all to take pride in our learning and grow up to be respectful people. They include;

  • Value team points
  • S.A.M. Weekly awards
  • S.A.M. Half termly awards.
  • Visits to Mrs Battersby

If you don’t follow our rules or values there are consequences in place.


Every term there are a range of different clubs which you can attend. They range from homework club to cooking club. They even run over the school holidays too so there is no chance you will be bored. There is a breakfast club which you can attend from 8.00am everyday where you can have a delicious hot chocolate and slice of buttery toast. What better way to start your day?

Snack shop

Every class has a morning playtime where children from year 3 to 6 can buy a snack. This has to be paid for but it is often a nice treat to see you through the rest of your morning. There is also an AstroTurf, middle play deck, bottom play deck and an outside garden for you to enjoy in this time.

Teachers and Learning

All of our teachers are fun and add humour to our lessons. They are always firm but fair with every child. Our lessons are always interesting and teachers use resources to help. Displays around the classroom can also help you with your learning.