Pupil Voice

At St Silas we encourage children to take responsibility for themselves and others. We have several groups across the school who contribute to the decision making process and ethos of St Silas and there are lots of opportunities for children to take part. The pupil voice groups are closely linked to our shared values of love, thankfulness, belonging and service. We are always developing ways to include pupil voice at St Silas. All our staff are linked to a value family

Value Families

There are four value families in our school. All children are given their own value team when they arrive.

The Love Family is led by Mrs Matthews and includes the Worship Group. Mr Ellis is responsible for the Thankfulness Family and he runs the Eco Warriors. Our Belonging Family is led by Mr Burcher, and he is responsible for the Ethos Team. The Service Family is headed by Mr Hadwin, whose Active Playtime Team makes sure all children are achieving the recommended 60 minutes of activity every day. 

Value Family Ambassadors

At the start of the school year, children in Year 6 create their manifesto and the rest of the school vote to elect Value Ambassadors to lead their value families. The Value Ambassadors are responsible for promoting their value across the school, thinking of ideas to raise the profile of their value and leading worship within our half termly value family assembly.

The Ethos Team

At the beginning of each year, KS2 classes nominate and vote for their Ethos Team representatives. This team meets regularly to discuss ideas put forward by themselves or members of their class. They help organise charity events and contribute to the day to day running of the school with events such as British Values Week. They help to shape our behaviour and rewards policy and form part of the interview panel when appointing new staff, their views listened to and taken into account.

Eco-Warriors Green Team

The Eco-Warriors Team, made up of children in Years 5 and 6, look for opportunities within school to reduce our use of plastic and improve our environment. They make sure the doors are kept closed in winter and that lights are switched off.

Worship Team

This talented team of children from Key Stage 2, plan and lead Creative Worship and assist in the delivery and evaluation of Collective Worship. The team are consulted regarding the development of Collective and Creative Worship. They plan, run and evaluate events such as Interfaith Week, Prayer Day and Friendship Week.

Active Playtime Team

The Playtime Team, including our Y3 and 4 lunchtime Play Leaders, help to shape the way we stay active during the school day. Pupils organise a range of activities for other children to participate in at lunchtimes and assist in the organisation and evaluation of our Healthy Living Week.